Michael Gonzales
Loan Originator
NMLS #: 221988
PH: 316-262-7766
FAX: 866-265-1046

Michael Gonzales is a local Wichita “Real Estate / Mortgage Specialist” who actually grew up right here, on the very same streets that he now personally and professionally helps hundreds of families just like yours, to confidently reach out and effectively achieve their “ultimate home owning dreams!”

Observing that so many of his highly educated, technically savvy contemporaries were now focusing the vast majority of their efforts, attention and energy purely on the utilization of modern, “state of the art” computer technology to do their job, Michael made a dedicated commitment to always “keep it REAL!”

That means taking the sincere interest in the unique life circumstances of each one of his customers, as a valued, respected individual and / or family, in order to maintain the authentic, “human touch” necessary to truly connect with people and build up genuine “life-time lasting,” mutually beneficial, personal relationships and friendships with each and every one of his valued clients.

Not only was Mike born and raised right here in Wichita, he also graduated with honors from Wichita State University with a degree in Business Administration, Minor in Marketing, and a Masters of Business Administration. By the time he was just 23 years of age, he had already successfully launched his own branch office and now has well more than a decade of professional expertise under his belt.

Michael’s deeply rooted connection to the community stretches all across the city, from his cherished membership at St. Catherine’s Parish, to his service as President of the local Toastmasters group, and of course, his enthusiastic participation in “Tyler’s Landing Neighbors.”


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